The poet's first chapbook in four years, this collection will speak to women who have experienced loss and betrayal:

From the preface by Brenda Levy-Tate, author of Author of Cleansing (Rising Tide Press 2005), Beeline (Lopside Press 2007),and Wingflash (The Pink Petticoat Press, 2011):
". . . The poem Chimera knocks everything sideways. Cells of previous uterine tenants are left behind within the mother, not allowed to remain with their fetal source and grow to maturity. Physically, not to mention emotionally, every biological mother is a combination of herself and the infants she has borne. Science has recently affirmed this cellular migration from pregnant womb to maternal brain. Wordsworth was right! "The child is father of the man" (or mother of the woman).

This is bold and memorable writing. Few poets could write anything remotely like it. Few could even dare attempt it. We lack the potency. We lack the language. I couldn't look away once I opened the book. But now I want to order a spare set of house keys - and hide them well."

Owl-Light Exotic Tea Emporium & Poetry Press


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